FREE Standard shipping on all items
FREE Standard shipping on all items
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Return Policy

30-day return guarantee

To ensure that you are satisfied with your order, every item on is backed by a 30-day return guarantee.

Please contact customer service with your Order Number and the Email Address used during checkout and we'll help you process your return.

When returning multiple items, make sure that each item gets sent back to the correct seller.

I received an incorrect item

If you have received an incorrect item or an item that was not part of your order, please contact customer service. We will gladly look into the issue for you.

I'm missing an item from my order

Please remember that when ordering multiple items, your order may be shipped from different locations in multiple packages (each with its own tracking number).

If you believe that you are missing an item that should have been included in your order, please contact customer service.

I no longer want an item

If you've received your item but no longer want to keep it, please contact customer service. You will be responsible for any return shipping fees and you will be refunded once the item arrives at the seller's facility. Expedited shipping fees paid during checkout will not be refunded.

Can I exchange an item?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer item exchanges.