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About GoodwillBooks

Our Mission:

Every purchase made on GoodwillBooks goes to provide free job services and career development support to people in the communities we serve.

Who we are:

GoodwillBooks is powered by a network of Goodwill locations across the United States all working together to provide a fantastic online shopping experience. As more Goodwill locations join the site, our inventory will continue to grow and provide shoppers with even more great deals.

What's next?

We’re working on several tweaks and features to enhance the site and we are so excited to grow GoodwillBooks with you, our supporters. 
It is through your generous donations that this website exists. Thank you so much for supporting our mission. We will continue to strive to meet (and exceed) your expectations and be a reputable site you can trust.

About GoodwillBooks

Our Mission

At GoodwillBooks, the purchases made by our customers directly fund job services and free career development support for the communities we serve.

Who we are

The GoodwillBooks website has been made possible thanks to the generous donations from customers to Goodwill partners across the United States. Your contributions, support, and purchases sustain our vital mission services within our communities.

The GoodwillBooks website offers a vast inventory of donated books, media, games, and music products, all easily accessible to our valued customers. Through the collaborative efforts of Goodwill partners across the nation, our product inventory expands daily, with each online purchase directly bolstering our mission in communities throughout the United States.

What's next?

Our dedicated GoodwillBooks team continually strives to enhance the customer experience and collaborates with Goodwill partners to expand our product offerings. Our goal is to deliver a unique and relevant shopping experience for our loyal customers and supporters. We remain committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations and maintaining our reputation as a trusted, reliable online platform.

GoodwillBooks extends its heartfelt gratitude to you for your generous donations, purchases, and unwavering support for Goodwill, which directly enables us to provide job and career support to our communities.