Soul Whisperer: Why the Church Must Change the Way It Views Evangelism

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What if we changed the face of evangelism? In a time when so many have a negative perception of evangelism, what if a new model was entirely biblical, loaded with skills, and more effective? Soul Whisperer shifts the emphasis from "telling" to a "drawing" paradigm. It develops biblically the pattern of Jesus, who did not give static presentations but rather customized his words to each hearer. By learning his ways, our words, too, can have pinpointed impact Christians will discover how to draw out first, in order to read their friends and discern the relevant appeal of the gospel. In this way, the style is far more dynamic. It adapts Understanding the non-believer's unique starting point will determine a distinct path. By creating a conversation about spiritual influence and what is involved in faith formation, this book charts ways for Christians to go deeper in evangelistic relationships. Most importantly, Soul Whisperer infuses skills that will shape a more Christ-likened missional disciple. "Comer covers a wide range of obstacles to faith-sharing that most of us experience. His discussions are honest, personally vulnerable, and rich with illustrations drawn from Scripture, contemporary culture, and personal encounters. The best commendation I can offer is that after reading the insights of Soul Whisperer I can say to myself, 'I think I could do that '" --Eddie Gibbs, Professor Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary "I love it This is one impressive piece of work. Not another book about telling the gospel, this one is about helping the gospel 'take' in people's hearts. Lots of people need to read this " --Mike Barnes, Evangelism Pastor, The Grove Church "Soul Whisperer is about real evangelism. Gary is honest about the fact that we don't just go and tell the truths about Jesus, but we come alongside and help influence people as they discover the truth of Jesus. . . . But make no mistake, this book is not softening anything; he is once again helping the gospel regain its punch in our world " --Matt Brown, Senior Pastor, Sandals Church "Soul Whisperer presents a can-do approach to evangelism. I love the simplicity and understanding Gary brings to how Jesus cuts through life issues in order to deal with the soul. Gary's observations and conclusions regarding the 'bridges of brokenness' and the intersections we all pass through . . . give keys for engaging with people who are caught in the dominion of darkness and need the deliverance only Christ can offer." --Bill Malick, District Superintendent, The Christian and Missionary Alliance "Home run Gary Comer has rediscovered and masterly communicates the missing elements in today's evangelistic approaches. This book has helped me improve my own friendships with unbelievers. I am encouraging others in our ministry to read this indispensable and excellent book to shape and empower them to help those who are not yet followers of Christ discover the greatness and wonder of his salvation." --David Mills, Senior Pastor, Faith Community Church "There are lots of books about faith, about sharing faith, and about coming to faith. This one is about living your faith in such a way that people want faith, too. This is one about helping others find faith as a real part of their lives. . . . In a postmodern era, we can't be stuck with the old tools of modernity. Now, thanks to Soul Whisperer, we don't have to be." --Matt Hannan, Senior Pastor, New Heights Church Gary Comer serves as the Evangelism and Outreach Director at Sandals Church in Riverside, California. He also has founded Soul Whisperer Ministries, where he speaks, writes, and consults on missional effectiveness. He is a doctoral candidate at Talbot Theological Seminary. Connect further with Gary at www.soulwhispererministry.com



Book, Paperback


Soul Whisperer: Why the Church Must Change the Way It Views Evangelism


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