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Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc.Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc.
Seller: Salt Lake City, Utah storefrontSeller: Salt Lake City, Utah storefront

Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain, Inc. (Salt Lake City, Utah)

About Us

Easterseals-Goodwill changes people’s lives across our four-state region through job skills training, disability, health care and children’s services. Every day, we create opportunities for individuals with diverse needs and backgrounds to live as independently as possible.


Our Story: Creating independence. Every person. Every day.

We’re passionate about providing opportunities for people to access the skills, support and encouragement they need to achieve greater independence.

Whether we’re teaching adults with intellectual disabilities daily living skills, helping low-income workers find meaningful employment, or assisting elderly adults with household chores so they can remain at home, the goal of all Easterseals-Goodwill services is to help people increase their independence and improve their lives.


Our Mission: Together we create opportunities that change lives.

Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization serving children and adults with disabilities, along with disadvantaged families in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.