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86 Tricks to Ace Organic Chemistry

ISBN: 9781449529482

Product: Book, Paperback

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Not organic chemistry for dummies, but organic chemistry for everyone. Also get another eBook with your purchase (details in your book)
Organic chemistry help, made fast and easy. You can learn the top 86 organic chemistry test tricks that your professors won't tell you. From how to ace synthesis problems, to little-known helpful reactions, to interpreting spectra, and a healthy dose of humor this book is designed to help organic chemistry students of all levels. You can learn organic chemistry as a second language in no time flat. A great companion to your classroom organic chemistry book

Some of our personal favorite tricks:
#9- Fischer projections are a black tie affair.
#13- Size Matters: Resonance between equivalent atoms means equal bond lengths.
#14- Good for nothing alkanes. Lousy molecules
#16-Beware of the bad acid trip: Meet your strong acids.
#17- Meet your strong nucleophiles.
#18- They have worn out their welcome--Know your leaving groups.
#19- If you don't start with chirality, you can't end with it.
#20- Markovnikov was a Liar.
#22- Is it E1, E2, SN1, SN2?
#29- Four Organometallics to Rule Them All
#31- Let's Go Retro: Retrosynthetic Analysis
#34- EAS Strategy: conversion of alkyl groups to carboxylic acids.
#35- EAS Strategy: In football, you need good blockers. SO3 and X are our Blocking Groups
#36- EAS Strategy: Long Chain Alkyl Groups from Wolff-Kishner or Reduction
#37- EAS Strategy: Substituted toluenes came from toluene. Duh
#46- H2SO4 and HNO3: the good-cop/bad-cop of nitrations.
#48 -UFC 1221: Hoffman vs. Zaitsev, the Elimination.
#49- Dude, where's my carbocation?
#50- Free Radical Halogenation: The Molecular Handle.
#52- Is a Halogen Squatting on Your Molecule? Removing the unwanted halogen.
#53- You don't want a D on your transcript, but you might want one on your molecule.
#56- It's an urban legend that SN1 reactions give completely racemic products.
#57- What do you Amine you're getting rid of me?--How to eliminate an amine.
#58- Why Didn't You Say Were Sendin the Wolf? The Wolff-Kishner Reduction
#59- It Takes a Baeyer-Villiger to Raise a Child
#63- Role Reversal: Nitrile Hydration and the Letts Nitrile Synthesis
#64- Role Reversal: Dihydroxylation and the Corey-Winter Olefination
#65- Role Reversal: Halogens and Carboxylic Acids
#67- Just Like Kevin Costner to Whitney Houston, Protecting Groups Are Chemical Bodyguards
#82- Check Out the Cleavage On That Molecule
#83- The Nitrogen Hint (Not a Rule)
#84- Are You a Learner Like Socrates or a Memorizer Like a Super Computer?
#86- Be a Chatty Patty and Talk Out Your Reactions.

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Book, Paperback


86 Tricks to Ace Organic Chemistry






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